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Zeytinkaya Black Olives

Low Salt, Slightly Bitter

Net (+/-) 650 gr.
39.00 TL 33.00 TL

Adet / KG

Ürün Açıklaması

A totally different experience for those who have never tasted the olive of Taurus…

Having turned the color of black due to natural fermentation, our olives have been made with whatever methods used in the times when chemicals and additives were not invented.

It’s only here!

In addition to having been grown with the soil and water of the Taurus Valleys in the Akseki region, we literally offer completely natural and unique flavor. We bring our unique olive to your tables with its mouth-pleasing taste. 

Bon appetite…

Additional Information: 

The color of our product can be slightly in different shades depending on the harvest date and the season. However, our traditional cultivation method for our olive and the taste is always the same.