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Olive Oil Soap

Nurture Your Skin With Naturality

Ölçüleri: 6x6x4

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Ürün Açıklaması

We produce our soap with totally natural olive oils and elbow grease. Having been enriched by coconut oil and castor oil, our soap moisturizes, purifies, softens, renews and protects the skin. It fights against the signs of aging with its antioxidant characteristic and vitamin E. It does not include any harmful chemical in its content, including paraben.  For ages, humans have recognized the benefits of olive oil to the skin. Our long-lasting soap produced with the purest natural products is a very good moisturizer for all skin types.

Usage and Storage Conditions:

Apply to damp skin by foaming up. You can apply it to your face and whole body. It does not leave any remnants behind after rinsing. To ensure long-lasting usage, preserve your soap in dry places, away from sunlight and in a container with good permeability.